Food Bank | Epicentre

Our weekly food bank ensures that people have nutritious meals at home every day. The food bank program has not only served our House Guests and participants on our PROPULSION pre-employability program, but it has also become an integral resource for refugees and new arrivals to Canada who do not have enough money to buy food for themselves and their families.

To reserve a basket, please call us at 514-970-5973

  • You will need to provide: your name, preferred mode of contact, number of persons in the home, and inclusion of pets if necessary, as well as any dietary restriction (i.e. vegetarian, halal, gluten-free)
  • For a basket the following week, please call the latest on Monday to reserve.

Reserved Baskets can be picked up at the side entrance of the Labre House between 2:00 – 4:30 pm on TUE, WED, & THUR

  • When picking up your basket, please bring a mask, re-usable/carrying bags AND a thermal bag with ice.
  • PLEASE NOTE: It is mandatory to bring ice and a thermal bag if you are intending to pick up the meat. Due to this, if you do not have both items you may be denied meat/frozen products (Example of ice: Frozen water bottles).