The Day Center is the focal point of the House. Guests come in to rest, to participate in art workshops and other constructive activities, to surf the Internet, or simply to socialize. It is a space of respect in which everyone can be themselves freely and safely. The Day Center also allows people to build relationships with peers and intervention workers alike, to take action, and to break from isolation. 

Hours of operation:

  • 9:00 am – 3:00 pm  | TUE, WED, THU, SAT & SUN

In-house meal services – Food is provided consistently throughout the day. Food insecurity describes the situation in which one is unable to eat enough and well. Many people in precarious situations depend on our services daily for support with nutrition and as a promoter of overall healthy lifestyles. We served a whopping 76,000 meals last year.

  • 9 am – 3 pm | TUE, WED, THUR, SAT, & SUN

Door Meal Services: Take-away Dinners provided at the entrance

  • 3:30 pm – 4: 30 pm | TUE, WED, THUR, SAT, & SUN
  • 11: 30 – 12: 30 pm | MON

While we rely greatly on our many wonderful partners, supporters, and sponsors for help with this production of food, we are always grateful for the assistance and contribution of others.

If you have interest or desire to donate, please see our How to Help page.

The food bank – Our weekly food bank ensures that people have nutritious meals at home every day. The food bank program has not only served our House Guests and participants on our PROPULSION pre-employability program, it has also become an integral resource for refugees and new arrivals to Canada who do not have enough money to buy food for themselves and their families.

  • To reserve a basket, please call us at 514-970-5973
  • For a basket that week, please call the latest on Monday. 
  • Reserved Baskets can be picked up the side entrance of the House between 2:00 – 4:30 pm on TUE, WED, & THUR

The pre-employability program provides a structured environment in which participant develop their self-esteem and gain necessary skills in securing future employment. It represents an opportunity for participants to establish a positive social network; a critical factor in the prevention of social disaffiliation. The program leads to socio-professional reintegration and does so each participant at his/her own pace.

We develop together the participants

  • Sense of autonomy
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Feeling of belonging

We ask of participants that they

  • Invest twenty hours weekly
  • Develop a personal plan with personal objectives. (The personal objectives can be related to anything they deem important; whether that’s drug dependency, mental and/or physical health or any other matter.)

img_3955The house is in the process of training a puppy named Fievel to become a therapy dog. A therapy dog is a dog that is trained to provide affection, support, comfort and love to people who may have a difficult time bonding with other people and the dog becomes an intervention tool to help facilitate interaction between our clients and our intervention workers through gentle play and building on the relationship between our users and our dog.

The act of petting produces an automatic relaxation response, which is believed to reduce the amount of medication needed by some people.

The other benefits to therapy dogs are an array of physiological ones:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Release of calming endorphins (Oxytocin)
  • Lower overall physical pain


Our clothing repository is available to those in need of clean clothing, free of charge. All our clothes offerings are donations. The ongoing work to collect clothing donations is carried out by people in the pre-employability program, who are assisted by volunteers.

The hours of operation are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday between 10 am & 3 pm.


Each person who comes to the House has the opportunity to shower in a comforting and private space.

This service is available every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday between 9 am & 3 pm.

RAMQ Card Service

If RAMQ card is lost, stolen, or damaged, people can come in during day centre hours (listed below) to receive support and guidance in applying for a new card and receiving the new one.

Available: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm  | TUE, WED, THU, SAT & SUN