Two full time 30 week positions are provided to help facilitate transition into the job market. Participants are provided training and work experience in our kitchen and maintenance departments. This is a great opportunity to encourage learning, skills development and teamwork in individuals who are looking to reintegrate the job market all under the supervision of intervention workers to ensure overall well-being.


Thanks to several grants 10 to 12 people have the opportunity to work at the house on a part time basis. The program lasts between 6 to 12 months depending on the needs and objectives of each participant. Participants learn professional and inter-personal skills to help them reintegrate back into the work force while respecting each person’s uniqueness and individuality. Participants are given weekly psycho-social follow ups, team meetings and skills development workshops such as communication, C.V. writing, interview techniques to name a few. All in in the effort of helping each person move closer to the job market.


In 2015 the user committee was started to offer our guests a voice in the daily functioning of the house and the services offered. Topics covered in our bi-monthly meetings include services, partnerships, activities and the daily functioning. Participants are encouraged to make suggestions and/or share ideas to build autonomy and contribute to life at the house.


The Labre house works with various CEGEPS and universities providing internships for programs such as social work, social services, special education, helping future intervention workers learn about the realities of homelessness, drug addiction and mental illness.